Kai's Weebee


Download Kai’s Weebee Journal - pdf file

Kai’s window construction and other details.




Download Weebee Brochure - pdf file.

Click here to visit the Tumbleweed Web Site
and learn more about Jay Shafer and his designs.

Jay sells the Weebee plans for $859 and if you are anxious to get them right away you may purchase the plans by clicking here.

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10 Comments to “Kai’s Weebee”

  1. Laura Monroe says:

    Very interesting use of space, appears to be all one needs to be comfortable. I could see Weebee communities sprouting up with maybe a communal kitchen and bath house and everyone’s own house. Very neat.

  2. Mary says:

    I’m your neighbor in Poland. I’m also working on a small house.Are you using an electric heater? What were your choices? What was available? I love your little house.

  3. sean says:

    Nice Job. Is this the same size and the road legal ones on wheels? So far this is my favorite I think. I’m also a keyboard player..gotta fit my hammer action CME keyboard somewhere there :)

  4. [...] A recent study indicated that 1.2 million households were lost during the current economic recession, in part due to mortgage size. If those homes had been much smaller, with proportional mortgages, perhaps some of the economic downfall could have been avoided. One of Jay’s small houses costs only about $48,000. If you build it yourself, the cost is only $21,000. You can see an online journal about building one here. [...]

  5. Toshia says:

    Love the houses. Wish there was some more interior designs tho. All in all a very good idea, so whats next?

  6. Sue Ross says:

    It would be a dream to build and own one of your homes!

  7. Baka says:

    Hey Kai how can I contact you? I would like to ask you some questions on your Weebee. I also want to know how many number of materials did you buy.

  8. Grant Wagner says:

    I love, love, LOVE! your digital audio workstation in the cove. I want to do something similar in my house, except mine would most likely include a split keyboard (right and left are separate pieces) and an arcade controller embedded in the middle.

    Is that an external sound card on the left under your monitor? What make/model is it? Do you have any problems with light glare in that area?

  9. [...] can view all Kai’s photos on the Tiny House Journal. Tumbleweed is also offering the Weebee plans for $300 off the usual price until May 31st, 2012. If [...]

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