Gerry's Epu



Download Epu Brochure - pdf file.

Click here to visit the Tumbleweed Web Site
and learn more about Jay Shafer and his designs.

Jay sells the Epu plans for $495 and if you are anxious to get them you can purchase by clicking here.

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7 Comments to “Gerry’s Epu”

  1. Daniel says:

    Looks very well done. I like the trim work done on the inside. For not having much experience, it turned out great.


  2. john cain says:

    awesome report. i love the shots of the house in transit–great stuff! thanks, too, for showing us a sane alternative to the kind of rampant “bigger is better” ethic that is blighting the lanscape these days…

  3. Miss Lou says:

    I’m looking into making a tiny home of my own! I was wondering what kind of heater you have there, and where you got it from?

  4. Lizzy B says:

    I just love the beautiful wood siding on this house and your nature scene pics. Nice Show!

  5. Angelica says:

    Samuel Mockbee and the tiny house movement Jay Shafer started has inspired my fiance and I to live “tiny” too! But first we’re going to build one for someone else, the POPOMO and document the entire process on our blog: http://www.thetinyhouseproject.com What an inspiration all of these tiny house sites have been!

  6. Helen says:

    The house looks great! I’m in Victoria as well. I’d love to build one of these houses but worry that I won’t find somewhere to put it! I was wondering where you park your house? Did you find someone with land that would let you park there? Would love to know more about this!

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