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May 7, 2009

Zoe’s Lusby


Yesterday I added Zoe’s Lusby to the Tiny House Journal site. Zoe has been building her Lusby from mainly reclaimed materials with the help of friends and family. Zoe has a blog that she is very active on showing the progress of her build, it is called TogetherWeAreOne.

Stephanie Reiley from the Coming Unmoored site did a recent write up and an interview with Zoe on the Small Living Journal. Go here to read Zoe’s Tiny House and listen to the interview. It is well done and you will learn a lot from it.

Stay tuned and follow Zoe as she completes her tiny house. I hope she continues to write once she is established in her home and keeps us updated on her experiences of life in her tiny house.

April 29, 2009



The idea behind the Tiny House Journal is to show people that they can build a tiny house themselves. Using plans by Jay Shafer of Tumbleweed Tiny House Company the Tiny House Journal will give you examples of others who have built their own homes, usually on their own or with minimal help from professionals.

My name is Kent Griswold and one of the biggest questions I get over at my other blog the “Tiny House Blog” is can I do this, and how do I know what the costs will be?

The goal of the Tiny House Journal is to show you visually that you can do this, I also plan to share journals of the process and costs involved written by the builders when building their Tumbleweed home. Again welcome and enjoy the journey.

If you have a Tumbleweed home that you have built to share contact me here.